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Reflexionsklasse: RA 2

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Verkehrsleitsäule - Indispensable for Effective Traffic Direction

The Verkehrsleitsäule is a specialized solution designed for those responsible for directing traffic flow safely and clearly. Serving as an additional sign, it merges the upper directional traffic sign 222 with the lower sign 626, ensuring unambiguous communication of driving directions. Municipalities, road construction authorities, and traffic planners will find this combination of traffic signs to be a reliable choice for straightforward traffic management.

Built to Last with Clear Signaling

Constructed from aluminum and stainless steel, the Verkehrsleitsäule is impact-resistant, weatherproof, and resilient. Its durable and low-maintenance features make it a premium investment. Exceptional visibility during day and night, along with a UV and temperature resistant surface, ensures that both schoolchildren and vehicular traffic find their way without fail.

Product Features That Impress

  • Materials: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

  • Post: 60 mm aluminum tube, total length of 2000 mm

  • Upper Sign: Alform sign 222-10/-20 (diameter 600 mm)

  • Lower Sign: Traffic sign body 626-10/-20 (height 600 mm, diameter 160 mm)

  • Visibility: High, with easy installation

Ideal for intersections, junctions, and other critical points in traffic networks, this combination serves as a clear guiding system.

A Versatile Solution for Any Context

Whether it's construction companies in need of temporary setups, traffic planning firms, or accommodations like hotels and resorts, the Verkehrsleitsäule meets a wide range of traffic safety needs. Schools, trade fairs, and other institutions benefit from its high-contrast and secure traffic direction capabilities.

Quality Traffic Signs Matter

With us, you get products that adhere to traffic regulations and stand out for their high quality. Our extensive catalogue and responsive email support ensure that your traffic infrastructure benefits from over 11,000 sold items.

Invest in Safety and Clarity

Take advantage of effortless traffic management with the Verkehrsleitsäule from Menne Verkehrstechnik. Improving traffic safety while optimizing flow, this solution emphasizes sustainability and efficiency. Trust in our expertise for straightforward guidance—no minimum order required and backed by stellar customer reviews.

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